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Quality tailoring and unique style for every eighty years.

Camicissima, an italian historic company specialising in shirts, is still in business with the same courage and tenacity constantly keeping up to date with the latest and advanced production techniques in the shirt industry, distinguishing itself for almost 100 years. The Camicissima shirts, a product that emphasises the personality of the person wearing the item, giving him style and prestige; a company that aims at qualifying its manufacturing making it the largest in size but just as great in perfection. Some important choices are at the basis of this successful attempt: in order to make a shirts only fabrics from the best maisons are selected, a careful examination of direct marketing to become familiar with fashion trends is carried out along with the study of various body shapes, shirt necks and other various details that lead to the personalisation of the article of clothing. Each garment is authentic and personal. The customer is given the option of choosing from a range of over 1000 different types of shirts for necks, fabrics, patterns, finishings and quality of fabrics, the special stitching that makes this shirts indestructible including the choice of different sized stiff, semi-stiff and soft necks along with shirts that do not need to be ironed, shirts that fit various body types from classic ones to more modern ones, with or without creases. No shirt is similar to the other and different manufacturing methods are used for each item. The Camicissima look was created from this programme, which, they may well say, has reached a peak much appreciated all over the world by the most demanding customers. Hence Camicissima is an establishment of good taste and a fashion influencer in the world: an important phenomenon for the economy, but also the right solution for those who love to dress in a modern way without giving up on elegance with its trendy shirts, trousers, knitwear and jackets.