Become a Camicissima Affiliate and live the experience of a genuine entrepreneur, the creator and manager of one's own business, a partner in a corporate set-up that guarantees support throughout all the new project development phases and day-to-day management of the point of sale. For over a decade, the Camicissima brand has guaranteed success and reliability and is renowned at an international level thanks to over 150 points of sale located all over the world. It is a brand that has grown exceptionally quickly on international markets, with major expansion plans for new markets: a sign to rely on. The company is present on the market with a quality tailored product at an extremely competitive price and distributes its articles exclusively and directly to single-brand and franchise stores. The product: quality tailoring, style and convenience. The Camicissima products distinguish themselves for the attention given to the quality tailoring of the fabrics and finishings, the Italian style and the extremely convenient sales formula. The collections include shirts, accessories, knitwear, trousers and jackets. A total look with an elegant, trendy, practical and exceptional day-wear style. There is vast assortment of over 5,000 different shirts, with a wide range of sizes (from 37 to 50), with new weekly assortments. The primary target of the Camicissima collections is men, with a good percentage of women buying for a man. The Camicissima products are specifically designed for a classy, demanding and quality conscious clientele who are also receptive to price and Italian style.

Franchising Project Investment Plan

The Camicissima products are distributed exclusively through a single-brand store network, proposing a quality tailored product at an exceptionally competitive price. Supported by a constantly updated IT system, the affiliate can check for new arrivals, change the assortment at his point of sale on a daily basis according to demands, view the sales statistics updated in real time and also check stock availability. Gratification for the Camicissima affiliate comes with exceptional margins on products, also thanks to a practically weekly reassortment of the collections and the special sales formula. The Camicissima affiliate can commission local firms to perform the building and utility system work, based on the layout plans provided by our consultants. Stores Immediacy, simplicity and eye-catching recognition. The ideal store for the new entrepreneur shall have 3 shop windows, be located on a corner and measure from 60-70 square metres in size. Strategic positions are city centres, pedestrian zones or high traffic areas and busy shopping malls. To maintain a consistent image among all points of sale, Camicissima has created a standard outfitting package, adaptable to suit various situations, and will deliver the furniture to the Affiliate as part of his own investment. Depending on the size of the store, the outfitting cost will vary from 500€/m2 to 700€/m2.

Training Instruments
Training, assistance and coaching.

Before opening a point of sale, a training period is organised in an "apprenticeship store" working alongside a coach to familiarise with the entire range of products, the sales management aspects and the visual merchandising techniques. When the store is opened, an on-site support system, managed by the area manager, and updated IT systems will allow the sales staff to develop their customer service skills. Support Working with the company at your side. The Affiliate can count on a variety of support activities: - The possibility to restock the assortment at his point of sale on a daily basis according to demands, view the sales statistics updated in real time and also check stock availability, thanks to an IT system that updated in real time. - Help and support in choosing points of sale in strategic positions only: city centres, pedestrian zones or high traffic areas and busy shopping malls with an optimal floorspace of 60/70 m2. -Training and preparation at a "apprenticeship store" working alongside a coach to familiarise with the entire range of products and the sales management aspects. - Pre-opening assistance provided by a corporate team who will support the Affiliate throughout the initial store set-up and window dressing phases. - Consistent monitoring of the Affiliate's progress by area managers and IT systems. - Telephone Help-desk service available to Affiliates during the hours the store is open to the public.

Commercial / Contract Data
Duration of the contract: 5 years with annual renewal.
Entrance fees: Not foreseen.
Royalties: Not foreseen.
Exclusivity zone: Store sign and product.
Points of Sale currently in business: A total of 150 in Italy and abroad.
Pre-opening assistance: Feasibility study | Planning of store restructuring and outfitting works | Initial training at an apprenticeship store.
Optimal floorspace: 60/70m2 sales floorspace with an additional 10/15m2 for the stockroom.
Catchment Area: Location with at least 25,000 inhabitants and a catchment area of 50,000 inhabitants.
Locations: City centres, main shopping streets, shopping malls.
Previous experience in the sector: Not required.
Initial investment: From 500 €/m2 to 700 €/m2 (depending on size) for outfitting, excluding building and utility works.
Average annual turnover: Roughly € 400,000
Yield per m2: over € 5,000
Turnover per staff member: Roughly € 180-190,000
Basic stocking: About € 30,000 for the first order only; subsequently reassortments only.
Support during the affiliation period: Visual Merchandising | Local management support | continuous Help-Desk service with franchisor.
Collateral required: Bank guarantee equal to € 30,000
Franchisor information
Registered name: Fenicia SPA
Address: Piazza Cavour, 3 – 20121 MILAN
Telephone: 02/63.69.64
Fax: 02/
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