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The trendy shirts collection is the response to the market request of a new shirt style, casual, with a soft textile and for a relaxed look, the weave and fabric are the result of a careful work style as well as market research in order to understand what are the current market’s trends and what the consumer’s demands are about the shirts. Everyday the style department of Camicissima examines the market’s trends and the new technologies to always guarantee you a modern and innovative product contemporaneously fashionable, taking you to the future of men shirt fashion. Thanks to the experience by now hundreds years old and to the business know-how aquired over the years, Camicissima produces for every season 30 variation of the men line in 100% cotton, washed and treated, by the innovative and futuristic design and with a great deal of attention for every detail. Rare textile and precious weave like the most prestigious Jacquard, the fil a fill, the Piquet, the historic Dobby, the classic popeline, the splendid Zephir, fantasies, colours, and micro-patterns express the casual chic personality of the trendy shirt collection of Camicissima. Colours, styles, and fabrics, exclusive studied and produced for a very demanding consumer that always guarantees to keep up with fashion and time. The proposal of the trendy shirt collection is to dive in all the blue tones to explore its timeless elegance.
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The men line camicissima interprets with pure italian style, carefree and fresh look with striped shirts and and to move to a harder look with micro prints to make you unique, the times you are wearing our shirts. A nice of touch too with the new collection of denim trendy shirt produced in 100% cotton jeans where the modern styles blends with older styles but remaining stylish either way, the denim shirt is offered in different shades and variation of washing with or without micro prints. The shirts are always cool and ready to satify every need you want. The creative department is very careful to the moments in the market , it offers patterned fabrics to give emotions and dress a man with unique and stylish desires. The lightness of the fabrics give shirts with an italian taste: shirts are always simple but never common, sophisticated with an easy going taste. The denim acquires style and refinement with soft washing as well as wanted accessories. The surprises hidden underneath a collar, a cuff, the unique accessories: every shirt of the collection is the main character. The sensation of softness and comfort, given by the high quality of the fabrics and weaves, are the ones that distinguish the Camicissima shirts, perfect for those who in careless moments don’t give up on they style. The geometric patterns recall the waves movement, the botton natural color highlights the product, the small and soft collars sewed in oxford special guarantee the highest comfort of the shirt maintaining the Camicissima style.